Map of Confirmed Animal Rabies

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Rabid Animal Locations

2014 Rabid Skunk List (Yellow balloons on map) TOTAL 1
23rd Lane between Hillside Road and Iris Road

2014 Rabid Bat List (Pink balloons on map): TOTAL 14
Quincy St. (between Grant Ave and Orman) 81004, 1400 block of Palmer Ave. 81004, 1000 block of Minnequa Ave. 81004, 800 block of Joliet Ave. 81004, 2800 block of High St. 81003, Crawford St. (between Prairie and Acero), 800 block W 12th St. 81003, 1100 block of Cedar St. 81004, 800 block of Frontier St. 81006, 1400 block of Santa Fe Ave. 81003, 2000 block of N Elizabeth St. 81003, 1900 block of Claremont Ave. 81004, 8100 block of Birch Dr. 81069, 1500 block of Lakeview Ave. 81004

2013 Rabid Skunk List ( NA balloons on map):
No skunks tested positive in Pueblo County in 2013

2013 Rabid Bat List (Light Blue balloons on map): TOTAL 4
San Carlos Rd.(between La Vista and Starlight) 81005, 0-100 Block Temple Dr. 81005, 2 miles SouthEast of Lake Isabel on Hwy 165, 8905 S Pine Dr. 81023

2012 Rabid Skunk List: TOTAL 17
2600 Block Santa Fe Dr 81006, 1500 Block Garland Rd 81006, 2400 Block of Winnipeg St 81004, 1400 Block Paloma Pl 81006, 2000 Block of Court St 81003, 900 Block of 28th Ln 81006, 1200 Block of Elko Dr 81004, 2000 Block of W. 20th St (Hyde Park area) 81003, 2200 Block of Daniel Rd 81006, 1200 Block of Russ St 81006, 2100 Block of W. 19th St 81003, 1600 Block of W 13th St 81003, 1500 Block of Lakeview Ave 81004, 26500 Block of Williams Rd 81006, 1300 Block of Beulah Ave 81004, 3000 Block of Morris Ave 81008, 3200 Block of Morris Ave 81008

2012 Rabid Fox List: TOTAL 2
1500 Block of 29th Ln 81006, 2200 Block of 59th Ln Boone Co 81025

2012 Rabid Bat List: TOTAL 7
Pueblo Zoo, 400 Block of Olive St 81005, 2400 Block of Court St 81004, 400 Block of W 16th St 81003, 100 Block of W. Summit Ave 81004, 0-100 Block of Hampton Ln 81001, 300 Block of Victoria Ave 81003,

2011 Rabid Skunk List: TOTAL 9

2011 Rabid Bat List: TOTAL 6

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Who do I contact?

Who do I contact and when:

If I see a skunk or other wild mammal out during the day ALIVE and acting abnormally?

Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

---- Pueblo City-County Health Department 719-583-4307
~~afterhours contact police dispatch at 719-553-2502, they will notify the health department~~

If I found a dead skunk or other mammal?

Monday - Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm

---- Pueblo Animal Control 719-544-3005
~~~If afterhours, wait until next normal operating hours

If I have questions or I am not sure who to contact?

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm, can leave a message afterhours

---Pueblo City-County Health Department 719-583-4344

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Third bat tests positive for rabies

The third bat to test positive for rabies comes from the mountains near Lake Isabel:

It is important to remember that bats do exist in a variety of environments.  We need to remain vigilant of bat activity no matter where we are.

Please remember to report any contact with a bat or suspected contact with a bat!  If the bat flies into you or hits you or a family member at anytime that is considered significant contact and should be reported.

Remember bats can be found every where!! Stay clear of any unfamiliar animal including wildlife!

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